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This home is sheathed in the inexpensive siding of today - corrugated steel - like its neighbor sheathed in the cheap, horizontal redwood wood siding of the 1800’s. This house is set tight to its neighbors to continue the streetscape.


The rear interior holds a dining area, fireplace nook, and kitchen - each occupying its own space, and each set next to a south facing yard. Each of these spaces differs in mood and intimacy yet flow into each other.


Out on the street, a white stucco retaining wall leads to the front door and ascends inside to this dining area. On the opposite side of the dining area, a white, horizontal sided wall ascends up to the sitting area on the floor above that overhangs the street with a view out to the sloping cityscape of Bernal Heights. Between these white walls, you can feel suspended between inside and outside. A spiral glass stair ascends to the top, where large operable skylights let sunlight into the house and evacuate hot interior air.  Here a roof deck looks out over San Francisco.

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